What to use for stropping compound

How to Strop a Knife Like a Pro

What to use for stropping compound

what to use for stropping compound

Stropping 101: Here's How to Strop Your Knives in 5 Easy Steps!

Mar 03,  · What the hell is stropping compound? Stropping compound helps to refine and polish your edge. It's available in different grits and is usually in the form of a bar. I typically strop with an extra fine compound, as I've found It works best. Before applying the compound, I add some petroleum jelly and coat the leather evenly. Abrasive powders are loose grit that can be sprinkled on a strop or similar surface to polish an edge. Because there is no binder to hold the grit to the surface, it may need to be reapplied frequently. The Abrasive Powder we carry is a.5 micron aluminum oxide.

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If you continue you accept our cookies. Read more about cookies on our cookie page. Stropping on just leather is possible, but only with polishing compounds there is a much more effective result to be achieved. You are actually polishing the metal when stropping. To this end you can use polishing compounds. Basically, it is sandpapering, but with such a fine grain size that you remove any imperfections.

When you do this long enough, it will shine like a mirror. Stropping compound is a polishing agent that is generally sold as a block. Often pretty hard and in terms of texture similar to a crayon. You apply it to a leather or balsa wood strop, like with a crayon. With polishing agents, diamond sprays and compounds you have in terms of operation to do with two factors: the "bite" how to prevent grated potatoes from turning brown the polishing effects.

The bite indicates how quickly it removes material. This can be different per product. The polishing effect can differ in that one compound will let the cut shine more than the other. Taking these two factors in consideration, you can have certain compounds that remove material quickly, but are not as good for polishing. Ideal to start with. You can get a finer how to retrieve windows 7 product key that takes off less material, but polishes better.

This makes for the perfect combination. Diamond sprays often have a good balance of both factors: they take off a lot of material quickly, but are also good at polishing.

Compounds and pastes often have different grain sizes, you not always derive this from the colour. For example, black can be either coarse or very fine depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, always read the product description carefully and take a look at user experiences. Stropping compound feels similar to a crayon, but somewhat harder and less greasy. We assume that you are starting with a blank leather strop or stropping paddle. Simply use the compound as a what to use for stropping compound to apply the compound to the strop.

Press hard and make sure the compound is equally covering the strop. That is option one. Option two is applying the compound with heat. You will heat the leather and possibly the compound. You can use your gas stove, or possibly a paint remover.

Keep the strop about 20 centimeters above the heat source. Make sure the strop or your hands will not burn! Your goal is to heat the strop until the point that you can barely keep it in your hands. This way, you will make it easier for the strop to take up the compound.

Depending on the hardness of the compound you can also briefly hold it above the heat source to make the application easier. When both are warmed, you can apply it by rubbing over the strop. Try to get it as smooth and evenly as possible, that makes the stropping much easier. Feel free to cover the strop entirely with compound so you can no longer see the leather.

When the compound is applied, it is wise to rub it even further in with a piece of kitchen paper. This will reduce the number of irregularities in the compound. Noticing that the compound on the strop is somewhat crumbly? Then you can just heat it again to be able to spread it out better. It is soft and as a result, heating the strop or paste is not necessary. You lubricate the strop evenly and finish it off with a piece of kitchen what to use for stropping compound to spread the last imperfections.

Sometimes, you want to try another kind of compound. A new or additional strop is not always needed. The compound is removed easily. Also useful for when you want to maintain or roughen up the leather. Pick up a piece of sandpaper that has a between coarse and fine grain. What is the most unhealthy food at mcdonalds grain around should be fine.

You simply abrade the compound from the strop and end with small circular motions. This makes sure the strop is roughened evenly. Important it is to avoid leaving rough sand grains in the leather.

Make sure to clean the leather well after finishing. It's as simple as that! Well, you can still watch a few key points. For example, it is important that you do not use too much. You tend to think that diamond spray does not do a lot, but it has a very aggressive bite. Beyond the fact that you would be spilling the diamond, the effects on the cut will be too severe. Completely unnecessary. Spray twice to cover the entire strop is sufficient. It is also important to not get it into your eyes, either indirectly via your fingers.

So, we recommend washing your hands. It can spare you a pair of red eyes. Diamond paste is also easy to apply. You spray some dots on the surface of the strop.

Always less than what you think you need: diamond paste works very quickly so you do not need a lot. Then massage it into the strop with your hands. When you find yourself completely "dry", you can add a little extra diamond paste.

You always begin with the finest grain size, as it is no problem to have some fine grain on a coarse strop, but the other way around is less pleasant. Small tip from us: are you noticing that the strop with diamond paste is getting somewhat rough and dry? Put some medicinal alcohol in an atomizer and carefully spray a little on the strop.

You will notice the diamond paste will soften up again. Fast delivery from our own stock Over Get Smarter. Gift cards. What are you looking for? Home Return to Home. Home Get smarter How-to Stropping: compounds, sprays and pastes. How-to Stropping: compounds, sprays and pastes. How do I use polishing compounds and what are the differences?

What is stropping compound? Bite and polishing With polishing agents, diamond what do you learn in kindergarten and compounds you have in terms of operation to do with two factors: the "bite" and the polishing effects. Compound grain sizes Compounds and pastes often have different grain sizes, you not always derive this from the colour.

How do you apply stropping compound? Removing compound from a strop Sometimes, you want to try another kind of compound. How to apply diamond paste Diamond paste is also easy to apply. Tips for diamond paste on strops Small tip from us: are you noticing that the strop with diamond paste is getting somewhat rough and what are the aims of psychology Read more. Stropping a knife. Maintaining a strop. What strop should I use?

What is stropping? Stropping in the right direction.

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Feb 24,  · Sep 15, Stropping compound depends upon the steel. Green Chromium Oxide like Veritas is fine for most steels, for the very tough alloys like ZDP, CMV I prefer a diamond or boron carbide paste for stropping. Use a very thin hard leather for the base material to minimize rounding or dubbing the apex edge. Mar 10,  · Black is usually the most aggressive, then the gray's, greens and whites. You can charge your buffing wheel with them or rub them on a leather strop. I've found that for me, the best all around compounds are the green chrome type. They have enough abrasive qualities to 'cut' the steel and leave a nice polished surface. While a common practice is to use suede in conjunction with compounds and smooth for plain stropping, this is by no means universal. We have found the decision to be a combination of personal choice and type of edge being sharpened. Straight razors are traditionally stropped on a smooth leather. The grain side surface is perfect for the delicate, low angle edges found on straight razors. Many carvers and knife sharpeners use suede strops. The nap of the suede .

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Stropping compound. Thread starter NordicWolf Start date May 4, NordicWolf Scout. I'm sure this is probably a pretty beginner level question, but didn't realize how many different options there were when it came to this sort of thing.

I eent looking around for compound to use on a strop for my knife and axe. I come across things that say stropping compound, honing compound, and polishing compound. I'm not completely certain I just wanted to make sure are all three of these just different names for pretty much the same thing or is there an actual difference if so what is that difference; also I know there's various different colors ranging from black to green and a few other ones that seemed to have something to do with the various grits of the compound itself so what is the recommendation in that regard.

HannahT Firebug Hobbyist. Bushclass I. I've got green compound from Harbor Freight on my strop, and it works pretty well. Ptpalpha Glacier Pace Supporter. I've been using Flexcut Gold lately with excellent results. Reddit I kind of figured upon further research the green would be the way to go still holds the question I'm seeing green polishing compound I'm seeing green honing compound and I'm also seeing green stropping compound so what is the difference from there.

Wil Guide. In the Bark River Compounds,black is 3k,green is 6k and white is 12k. I have all three and use all three but in reality,black is all I would need in the bush. It will maintain the edge and leave it a bit toothy which is most preferred,at least,by me. I have other black and green compounds but I don't think they even come close to the Bark River compounds.

I have other strops which are loaded with either diamond pastes or CBN emulsions but I use those on my Japanese kitchen knives. Those abrasives are rather expensive and in most cases,just aren't needed.

I am not saying to get Bark River compounds but I do suggest at least a black and green compound,even from another manufacturer. They still do a good job. And yes,they use different names for the compounds,honing,stropping or polishing. They are the same. A rose by any other name is still a rose. NordicWolf said:. FreudianSlip Guide. Joined Nov 1, Messages 2, Likes 10, I use bark river white compound per Virtuovice recommendations on YouTube.

I find it to be pretty good. I see where he,Virtuovoice, uses the black and white and gave up on the green,saying that the white does a better job of sharpening. I am still experimenting with his opinion but haven't come to my own conclusion yet. At any rate,I have two, two sided strops,one with the black and green and the other with the black and white.

So far,I just don't know. Bushcraft Friend. I use the Harbor freight green polishing compound. Works great, easy to use, readily available, and inexpensive. Joined Feb 4, Messages 1, Likes 10, I use green myself. One of the pro's here recommended black in another thread but I haven't tried it yet.

Gumbi Guide Bushclass I. Black is the coarsest polishing compound, green is a medium polishing compound, and white is the finest. I have all three colors, but I generally use green.

I'm not sure that it really makes too much of a difference, they are all extremely fine compared to most sharpening stones. I don't like to use the black, though, because I like to be able to see that the strop is working. I rub the green compound on the flesh side of the leather, and then when I start stropping, the green turns a very dark grey as it removes steel. If I used black, I wouldn't be able to see the change of color.

Joined Jan 13, Messages 18, Likes , Location upstate south carolina. I have used jewelers rouge for 50 years, and see no reason to change. BradGad Supporter Supporter. I have been using Flexicut gold Until yesterday. I picked up four grades of their compound and put it on strops this morning. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have some sense of whether this is an upgrade. FreudianSlip said:. Do jewelers really use it I wonder? Stringer Supporter Supporter.

Gumbi said:. Last edited: May 4, It works well and will probably last me for life. Stringer said:. Black is coarse, white medium, green fine, red finer.

Black is Emery, fast cutting. White is aluminum oxide, cut and polish. Green is chrome oxide, finer cut and polish. Red is ferric oxide, mostly polish. I use just the white and green, with the green on slightly roughed leather. When I use the white there will be black residue on the strip, which means you're taking a little steel. My green strip colors very slowly. My green strop colors very slowly. BradGad said:. I actually know how to Google. Barry J Supporter Supporter. I used green for quite a while, but I prefer black now.

I prefer a the bite, which I get from the black compound. Green will probably give you a technically sharper edge though. I just find that the green seems to make the edge too slick. I have not tried white or red on my knives.

The pink is great. I have a two sided strop with black and green But I enjoy the whole process so it serves double-duty for me. The pastes are very fine abrasives.. As for which paste? There are Edged Tools Odins way more qualified gents here who are more than capable of answering that question A lot of it is preference I think.

Remember, a little bit, goes a long way.. Then again; and this is the truth; I still have the same can of oil that came w my black Arkansas decades ago!

Doubters speak, I will photograph and posts pics and you can easily date it online. Wil said:.

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