What size cage should i get for two guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Cage Size Guide & Where To Find The Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages

What size cage should i get for two guinea pigs

what size cage should i get for two guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Cage Size Chart

Nov 02,  · This is absolutely critical, because if their cage is too small, fights and bigotry are inevitable. So, in order to accommodate at least two guinea pigs, you should prepare yourself from the beginning and get yourself a cage of a decent size. Remember: Boars usually require more space in order to thrive, while sows can get by with a smaller space. Jun 09,  · A cage for two guinea pigs, using that rule, should have anywhere from nine to eleven square feet of space. A standard size is 30 by 50 inches. You can safely house either two males, two females, or one female and one male (as long as one is fixed) in one cage.

If you have a Guinea Pig, chances are you sie more than one. This small furball is a herd animal, what nfl games are on today they typically do better in pairs or even large groups. Giving your pet a pal to play with is not only good for their well-being, but it can also extend their lifespan.

Of course, two Guinea Pigs what is normal blood pressure reading for adults you will need a larger cage.

Each animal must have space to call their own and have some independent time when they need it. If you are planning to upgrade your cage, or you are getting ready to adopt more than one ankle-biter, the reviews below cxge help you out.

We have found the nine best Guinea Pugs cages for two that you can find. We will give you all the info on the durability, construction, added features, and more. This eight-square foot cage comes in either a regular or plus-size option. In the latter form, you will have a divider that can separate their eating and play space for both of your small friends.

This option also has one-inch bar spacing to keep your pets safe. It is a durable and secure house how to caulk a tub can be used indoors or outdoors. Plus, it has a water and leak-proof bottom tray, so you will not be a slave to picking up their mess. It is also removable and easy to clean. This cage is easy to set up, and it folds down flat for guijea. In fact, there are no whta or corner pieces required.

It also has a large front door and a removable top, so you can play with your Guinea Pigs without having to worry about them escaping. Overall, this is our favorite option for a two Guinea Pig cage. This is a more affordable option that is still able to house two Guinea Pigs at a time. Designed in a cocoa and white style, the cage sits on top of a stand that is on wheels, so you can easily move your pets from place to place as needed.

This durable cage has two large doors on the top and side for easy access to your pets. It also makes the space easy to clean. The tray slides out, as well. Guinea Pigs love this cage for its upper loft and easy to climb ramp. The Prevue cage is Some kind of mat is recommended. Other than that, this cage is a breeze to set up, and we believe it is the best cage for two Guinea Pigs for the money. Plus, the wheels lock, so your pet is not likely to roll away.

The lofts cahe the cage are adjustable and covered in soft padding, as well. How to remove a sink faucet handle MidWest cage is a 36 x 24 x inch space with a half an inch bar spacing.

It has a bottom storage shelf for hay, food, and other pet supplies. The overall cage is how to make money taking surveys of durable square tubing with strong wire mesh. This option comes with a slide-out, leak-proof pan that is easy to clean. There are no tools required for assembly, plus the entire construction comes apart easily for cleaning. The only thing to be concerned about is this cage is more expensive than the others.

If you like a tall cage with all the bells and whistles, however, this will be a great option for a pair of Guinea Pigs.

MidWest Wabbitat Deluxe. This is a long cage that you can add extensions and other features to customize the cage as you see fit. Available in a This option comes with a platform on one end that gives your Guinea Pigs a place to eat and hide underneath. You get a hay feeder and water bottle, as well. You also have a convenient top door, plus the entire side panel opens hsould.

That being said, the doors are harder to latch and secure. On the other hand, the plastic bottom portion is easy to clean. The MidWest Wabbitat is easy to set up with no tools needed.

The only other consideration is the bottom is not quite waterproof. Besides that, this is another solid option for a pair of Guinea Pigs. Living Shoud Deluxe Habitat. The Living World cage is durable, although it is not how to pay your amazon store card online. That being said, it is also gte bit harder to clean than the other options. On a positive note, there is a balcony with a ramp, plus a tip-proof food dish.

Finally, you have two doors that are secure and make getting your pets in and out simple. This is a three-balcony palace with easy to climb ramps to each floor. It comes in a It is durable with four-layer construction and steel bars. It even has rounded corners, so your pet will not get caught or injured.

The ZENY cage has a slide-out tray making it easy to clean. You should note, however, that the tray has been prone to leak. On the other hand, it comes with a water bottle and food dish included. The house is a taller model that has wheels for moving it from place to place. It also has two doors on the side, although they are oddly spaced making it more difficult to take your pets in and out. One what size cage should i get for two guinea pigs feature of this option gst it can hold up to four guinea pigs at a time.

On a down note, it is harder to assemble than other models. Finally, the bottom of the cage is a grid, so a pad or oigs is recommended. Kaytee My First Home. Depending on the size of your Guinea pigs, either length would be big enough to accommodate them comfortably. This option also comes with a platform, ramp, water bottle, food, dish, and hay feeder.

Although there is enough space for two animals, the way the accessories are set up makes the interior a bit cramped. On the other hand, the cage ships mostly assembled, so setting up the rest is easy.

Gguinea are also wheels on the bottom of the cage for easy shifting. You will also find an easy to clean plastic bottom. You should also consider that this option is less durable than others.

You will have doors on the top and side, however, for easy access. They are easy to latch, yet they are on the small side. Lixit Savic Caesar Cage. This option is essentially two cages stacked on top of each other with a plastic ramp connecting the different spaces. Both floors have dor plastic bottom while the entire structure is covered in wire mesh. This model comes in a 20 x It is important to note, though, that this cage is heavy weighing in at over 25 pounds. This option is harder to set up because the pieces do not always fit together correctly.

On the other hand, as the cage is harder to assemble, taking it apart to clean is also more of a challenge. AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage. This is a The AmazonBasics has a plastic, leak-proof bottom section. Shold, the plastic is thin and easy to crack and chew.

This can end up causing your Guinea Pigs injury, not to mention, leaks. It is important to note that the entire construction of the cage is flimsier than most. The balcony and ramp are just as weak, in fact. They are prone to break or fall. To give credit where credit is due, the habitat is easy to assemble. Speaking of the water bottle, it is meant to be drip-proof, but that is not the case.

Overall, this is our least favorite option for a two Guinea Pig what is f and f. These little creatures make great pets for their cuteness, antics, and some even like to cuddle. That being said, when you take what size cage should i get for two guinea pigs pet into your home, you become responsible for their life and well-being.

Husbandry can be more important for smaller animals than it is for a dog or cat. Guinea Pigs are pack animals, so having more than one will benefit their overall life. Of course, double the fun means double the trouble. As mentioned, Guinea Pigs are on the bigger side of small pets. They are also arboreal, meaning they are not climbers.

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Jan 16,  · Pet welfare organisations around the world may have different recommendations on cage size but the RSPCA in the UK and the Humane Society of the United States both recommend square feet or square metres as the MINIMUM size for 2 guinea pigs. This would equate to a cm x 60cm (or 4ft x 2ft) which is the size of the Midwest Habitat Cage. Aug 20,  · As guinea pigs spend a lot of time in their cage, it’s very important for the proper guinea pig cage size. Generally, guinea pig cages should be as big as possible. The bigger, the better. But we all recognize there is a limit what size the cage can be. Apr 26,  · Times have changed a lot and it is now accepted that guinea pigs need a lot more space as they are ground roaming animals. The current RSPCA minimum recommendation is 2x4 ft (60x cm); especially a boar couple will profit from even more space.

Despite their little size, they do require enough space to exercise and play. Generally, guinea pig cages should be as big as possible. The bigger, the better. But we all recognize there is a limit what size the cage can be. Since there is limited space in our living areas. These estimates are based on the bare minimum.

While these are the requirements, you can freely have a bigger cage. In fact, there are no actual limitations. The cage can be as big as possible, as there is no research showing guinea pigs dislike the big spaces. The size of your guinea pig cage highly depends on how many you have.

As you could imagine, more cavies require a larger guinea pig cage size. The table below shows what I believe to be the minimum after going through the research. The data is a result of forum consultation and opinions, which has been confirmed by actual professionals. As you can see above, the cage size requirement becomes lower per guinea pig, for each additional you have. Especially considering you need to have at least 2 guinea pigs. Note that the word minimum might sound harsh.

The minimums are also great cage sizes, and your guinea pig can live a happy life in that as well. Nevertheless, the recommended cage sizes are more fitting for your pet. As the bigger sizes allow for more in cage exercise. Which is very important for a healthy guinea pig. Here is a list of some of the benefits you will see from choosing the right size for your guinea pig cage. I hope these inspire you to go for the recommended! These benefits just go to show the importance of your guinea pig cage size.

It even makes your guinea pig live longer! There are some dangers to be aware of. These will happen if your guinea pig cage is too small. But it should be noted that these are only if your cage is less than the minimum.

I hope these give you an idea of the cage size importance. Guinea pigs are cavies, which is a domesticated species within the rodent family. The species is domesticated today, but have only been so for years. They were originally native to South America, and they have changed in many ways. Guinea pigs have been selectively bred for these domesticated years.

So their appearance and many other characteristics have consequently changed a lot over these years. However, selective breeding has mainly changed the appearance of our lovely cavies. As well as changes in attitudes towards us humans. Guinea pigs are still very close to their wild counterparts.

They might be domesticated today, but they still withhold many wild traits. They used to live in very big outside habitats, and this is what the species requires. Even to this day, despite domestication, they require a lot of space.

You might have heard this before from other guinea pig owners. Because anyone who is experienced in the world of guinea pigs will know.

They require a companion, at all times. Otherwise, they will get sad and even depressed easily. Since they are herd animals.

This is actually more important than you might know. It gives your guinea pig a better quality of life , as well as a better pet. Being in a constant company makes them much more social and outgoing. I have spoken to several guinea pig owners with only one cavy. The answers were always the same. They are generally more grumpy and more hostile and aggressive. Especially against other guinea pigs.

Making it hard to reintroduce company after the damage is done. Because of this, your cage should be big enough for two guinea pigs. The list might include the minimum requirement for a one guinea pig cage. But I strongly advise against ever having only one guinea pig.

In case the damage is already done, and your cavy has become asocial. There are some methods. I have seen examples of asocial guinea pigs getting along with rabbits. Much more than they will with other guinea pigs. Of cause guinea pigs are preferable, so you should start with trying that.

A bad experience for both you and your cavies. Reach out to friends or relatives with guinea pigs and plan a play date. That might not be possible. In that case, there are plenty of great guinea pig forums with helpful people.

You will surely be able to find one to help you out. Be cautious not to introduce a male if you already have a male. Two males rarely become friends. The guinea pig cage has a great impact on the life of your guinea pig.

Having the correct sizes leads to more happy and healthy lives for your pets. Not only for your guinea pigs, but they will actually become better pets as they are less hostile. They will actually live longer. There are also a lot of dangers to be aware of if the cage is too small. These consequences are very well as I have spoken to numerous owners who confirmed this. As well as professionals saying the same. I hope this article gave you a little insight into the actual benefits of having the correct sized guinea pig cage.

As well as the very real dangers that might occur if your guinea pig cage is too small. Did you like this article? Did anything surprise you? Please share. Guinea pig cage Size Requirements The size of your guinea pig cage highly depends on how many you have.

Better smelling guinea pigs! Reason is that excretion build-up is greatly reduced as they have larger space. It allows your cavies to take care of their business in specific spots of the cage.

So sleeping and playing will be done separated from all that. Meaning they will have less bad odors in their fur. Get better along with one another. They are very territorial animals and having large cages means there will be less fighting of territory. Less cleaning as dirt build up happens more slowly.

Could reduce bedding change from daily to every other day. Natural urges will be better fulfilled. The species is used to very large spaces and cramming them into small cages makes them sad.

Longer lives as research find that guinea pigs living in larger areas live longer. Due to more exercise, less depression, better general health. The normal guinea pig life span is years. A large cage will surely get you closer to the 8 years.

More exercise for your guinea pig. This makes them happier and means they are less prone to obesity, depression or even heart issues. Many Thanks To Mary Dantzler for this amazing picture! More hostile towards their cage-mates and humans.

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