What should i wear to goodwood revival

Goodwood Revival Style Guide for Ladies

What should i wear to goodwood revival

what should i wear to goodwood revival

A gentleman’s guide to the Goodwood Revival dress code

Your guide to what to wear at the Goodwood Revival. '40s, '50s and '60s style The fabulous style of the s - s is not one that we can often emulate, but the Revival is a place where this era of fashion is not just the norm - it is celebrated and cherished. First up is the s, so expect demob suits, wide ties and a lot of military fashion. A classic look is the suit – which should typically be made from thick, worsted wool or tweed. Go for a muted colour such as dark brown, grey or navy, or opt for a wide chalk stripe or overplaid pattern. Double-breasted jackets also rose to prominence during the s, so pair one of these with a pair of flat-fronted or single-pleated .

I do not like fancy dress. Any social event that insists on costume makes me quite uncomfortable, particularly if it involves novelty, rented or second-hand clothes. Dressing fancy, on the other hand, is an absolute pleasure of mine and I will add a flower to my lapel or a diamond pin to my tie for the sheer hell of it. Occasions that require formal dress hold no fear for me either. There is scope for both approaches at The Goodwood Revival. A three-day event that has been held every September in West Sussex sinceit celebrates the golden era of Goodwood motor racing through both clothes and vintage cars, the latter of which are raced flat-out on a circuit that has not changed since the s.

For the former, there is not a strict dress code, as there is at Royal Ascotbut visitors are very much encouraged to dress up in the spirit of the age. The Goodwood era ranged from towhich was a very elegant period in British male fashion starting with the neo-Edwardians and ending with the mods.

A wool tattersall check or camel doeskin is ideal, preferably with lapels and flap pockets. A dark, slim knitted silk tie is probably the simplest way to give your contemporary suit a vintage feel.

It probably has a ticket pocket, too. Hats were de rigueur in the s so pick one to complement your outfit. A racing felt or trilby is smart and suitably sporty. No gentleman would have been seen without gloves, so carry a decent pair, ideally made from unlined pigskin. The English weather in September is unpredictable so it is wise to carry an umbrella. It is wiser still not to ruin your look with a cheap, branded golf umbrella. As an alternative to a lounge suit, you should consider the classic pairing of a double-breasted blue blazer what it takes to be a ninja with cavalry twill trousers.

Consider a lightweight covert coat instead of a sports coat if the weather is cool. A velvet top collar is very John Steed. Make sure they are in keeping with the era. It could be fun to wear a pocket watch on a chain, either in your waistcoat or your breast pocket. I have it on good authority that Homer Simpson socks were not available until at least the s. Wear good wool socks. Yellow will complement your gloves nicely.

Home Style. Here are my tips for dressing for the Goodwood Revival in style: 1. Glen check suits in flannel or twist-worsted are ideal, particularly in earthy shades. Tobacco reverse-calf Oxfords or chukka boots strike the right degree of formality. A separate, starched white collar on a coloured shirt is an authentic period detail.

A simple folded white linen handkerchief in your breast pocket is appropriate. A tie-slide should not be worn with a waistcoat.

Matthew McConaughey

keep it fastened up. Wartime airmen should wear a “side cap” tilted over their right ear. Officers could opt for a peaked cap. Treat your plain black Oxford-style shoes to a fresh coat of polish and polish those buttons and badges until they shine. As short back and sides and a clean shave is the only way to wear it. 4 6 5 The Boardwalk Racer. silk scarf over your shoulder, wear white cotton overalls (from the Goodwood shop) or a long woollen pencil skirt and blouse, rouged lips and start your motors girls! The Lady Cyclist Tweeds and soft merino (bicycle not essential) – The Revival encourages the lady visitors to join the elite band of Tweed Cyclists abroad on. Supremely feminine, elegant and comfortable too, this style is often adopted by many ladies at Goodwood Revival. Pair with a blazer, simple jacket or even a cardigan. A tea dress can be dressed up with heals and jewellery or down with a head scarf.

This weekend marks one of the most nostalgic motoring events in the world. But rest easy in the knowledge that whatever threads you decide to don, any anachronisms will be drowned out by the collective roar of everything from ageing front-engined racing cars to Lancaster aircraft.

First up is the s, so expect demob suits, wide ties and a lot of military fashion. A classic look is the suit — which should typically be made from thick, worsted wool or tweed.

Go for a muted colour such as dark brown, grey or navy, or opt for a wide chalk stripe or overplaid pattern. In terms of accessorising, braces may be a classic look, but belts had started to replace button loop suspenders by the time World War II came to a close.

Instead, go for a thin belt with a metal buckle, tuck a handkerchief into your top pocket, slip into a pair of two-tone brogues and pop a wool felt trilby on your head.

Military clothing can easily look cartoonish and try-hard. So, instead of going in for full ceremonial regalia, try something more subtle. The conservative business suit ruled once again during the s, so why not try wearing a gray flannel suit with pleated trousers. Braces were back, and hats had never gone away — so find a fedora and jazz it up with a coloured band. And remember, high waists and vertical stripes were features across almost all leisurewear of the time. The patterned sleeveless jumper will keep it casual, the checkered jacket will keep it youthful and the turtleneck will help channel your inner McQueen.

Just remember — if you find yourself gravitating towards a Sgt Pepper-style suit, rethink. Pair bell-bottom jeans with tie dye shirts for early seventies or, if you want to go for the glam rock look, try anything in Royal Stewart tartan, a velvet sports coat or a colourful shawl collar tuxedo jacket. For added flounce, a silk scarf or ascot will never go amiss. Words: Jonathan Wells.

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