How to turn off interior lights ford edge

How do I turn off the interior lights on my 2016 Ford Edge with the doors or hatchback open

How to turn off interior lights ford edge

how to turn off interior lights ford edge

How do I get interior lights to turn off with the hatch open?

To turn off interior lamp lights while hatch is open you must take a knife or screwdriver and push the hitch up in the latching mechanism. Begin to push the hatch down as though your closing, when it gets to about 80%% closed, interior lamps will turn off. . Apr 07,  · There is a dimmer wheel, or switch depending on year next to the head lamp switch. If this wheel is clicked all the way up, will manually leave interior lights on, if no door ajar light is on while driving. This dimmer is used to dim the gages or brighten them, but also will allow dome light to come on by driver. I would check this first.

I went to the drive inn with my kids and the lights would not turn off inside. I had to jimmy a fake shade with blankets to not disturb the movie. I want to take the kids again, but I don't want to deal with the same problem.

Shut the hatch. There's a sensor in the lift gate for it, and whenever it's opened, the interior lights should turn on. Same thing with doors, I believe as well. Hope this helps somewhat.

I had a Tahoe that had a button i could push to turn off interior lights when doors were open. I cant find that function with the Ford Edge and I've gone through the manual book too. I definitely know where your coming from. I have a 98 Jeep Cherokee sport and my dad and I did that when I was little. There oights to be a edgw that came on after you opened the lift gate, and we just unscrewed the lightbulb, and then when edg were done, just put it right back in.

Kenny answered 6 years ago. I had the exact same problem lastnight. I was at the drive in with my kids and the light wouldn't go off, but I figured it how much to mail a postcard I had to make the hatch think it was latched edye it being open.

To do this, I rotated the latching mechanism on the hatch. Basically you have to mimic what the hatch would do if it ligts actually closed and latched. Just remember to hit the unlatch button to get the latching mechanism in the correct position and then close the latch. In my Edge I had the tur issue. However as long as my headlights were off, key out of ignition and the hatch was up, the lights will turn off after minutes. They will turn back on if you open doors.

To go to edve drive in and hear the sound we just brought a radio along. Carrie answered 5 years ago. RichardsGirl tuen 5 years ago. Alysse answered 5 years ago. My Ford Explorer rear interior lights would not turn off when the car was on to play music at the drive in with the hatch open. Push frod hatch down so the like hook taps the part in the car so it thinks the hatch is closed then pull it up. You're trying to trick the car to think it's closed when it's not. The lights should be off now!

JD answered 5 years ago. Brittanie answered 5 years ago. I have a Ford Edge. All you need to do is remove fuse 9 works like magic the lights go off!! Meighan answered 5 years ago. Grifen answered 5 years ago. Intedior me and my friends go in her escape we make sure the lighta are set to auto.

Spin that baby as far down as it will go and the lights should turn off in a matter how to turn off interior lights ford edge seconds!! Tristan answered 4 years ago. The switch is set to auto. I have a 08 ford escape. Paul answered 4 years ago. It's infuriating because it's something so simple I've of heard of a car that does not have this "feature".

My '13 has an issue where regardless of how hard you close it, the driver door shows as its not closed and my "door ajar" sensor won't shut off. Since this new "tech savy" vehicle doesn't have the option to shut off the interior light I've had the battery die on me 4x already. Funny because my '83 Honda didn't have power steering, power windows, but I could shut the interior light.

That's why hate buying American. Biggest turb there is, but this country cannot make a car for its life. Never had problem with Honda Toyota Acura infinity etc that I've had, but first Ford and it's a trainwreck. Blue tooth doesn't work, USB port doesn't work and they only provide one can get bare bottom Kia and they have 4can't get door intrrior light off, and fordd shut interior light. That's trun off top of my head and it's much fordd. Jamaaldh answered 3 years ago.

Aw man thank you. I thought I was crazy. I like the car but I'll never buy a car again without seeing if I can shut off the interior lights. And I can't get my Bluetooth to pick up my iPhone or note Paul answered 3 years ago. Yep, unfortunately the engineers at Ford are clueless. This is the newest vehicle Ive ever owned and I've never tun so many simplistic problems in my life. And try edgr Ford or bringing it to a dealer First, and last, Ford vehicle.

I can guarantee that. FirstFordLastFord answered 3 years ago. For my Edge, its Fuse 12 the first 15 amp down the left side of the panel however I dropped it twice trying to get it back into place. The first time, I was able to get it back but its lost after the second time. Seriously, WHO designed this vehicle? Guru9NGLJ answered 3 years ago. Just walk further away from the vehicle with your key nob in your pocket, wait a couple of minutes and then come back and all the interior lights will be off.

Gary answered 3 years ago. All lights off with the lift gate open on a Kia Sorento I opened the what kettlebell weight to buy gate.

Then pressed the locking latch mechanism in the center uptwo times until it was all the way locked. The lights went out in about llights minute. To close the lift gate I went to the drivers door and pressed the lock, then unlock bottoms.

Then closed the lift gate. All worked fine. Anyone know how to do this get interior lights to go off with hatch open in a Kia Sorento? I've tried everything suggest except pulling the fuse and nothing has worked. Guess it may be time to figure out which fuse, but the owner's manual says that "overhead console lamp" is in an "instrument cluster" that also includes AC controls and several other things I'd rather not mess with.

Better to just remove the light bulbs, I'm thinking. Donna answered 3 years ago. I have a Edge that the interior, parking and headlights will randomly come one while parked. Utrn is draining the battery resulting in a dead car 3 times now. Sometimes you hear the noise that it is being unlocked and everything comes on even when nobody is unlocking the car.

Anybody pff any ideas? Because the dealer doesn't. Donna, Without knowing more about the issue, my money would be the faulty "Door Ajar" sensor in one of the doors most likely edve driver's side rurn it can affect any door. This is an issue that has plagued many Edge owners a quick Google search will reveal a few other forums and the symptoms include drained batteries, random alarms and interior lights staying on.

Another symptom is that the self locking feature when moving will not function. Jeanie answered 3 years ago. It's unfortunate that there are how to turn off interior lights ford edge recalls on the interior light issues, tudn ajar issues, accuator problems, et.

I'm how to get axle grease out of carpet and just want to drive the damn thing in the river and drown it.

Lifhts love everything about my Ford Edge and now all of a sudden all hell is breaking loose on it. I had to remove the 12 fuse as well under the steering column to get my lights to go out at hoq. I took my car to an air conditioner professional an they wanted to charge me nearly a Makes one wonder just how honest people truly are.

And PS. Your answer is asinine. JMK75 answered 3 years ago.

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is there an interior light that comes on when the doors are open on a ford edge sport?? 1 Answer. I just purchased a ford edge sport. I can not find how to turn in the interior lights automatically when the doors are opened. There seems to be no light in the hatch. I have looked at the owners. Aug 08,  · This video will show you how to operate the interior lights of a Ford edge model. Car Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote fits Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda (C. With key on, listening to the radio: •Open Liftgate •Lower Liftgate to eye level and look at lock •Using another car key, pencil, pen or screwdriver to push the locking mechanism closed by applying pressure to top of lock (where lock would latch closed on bar above bumper) •Make sure the lock clicks twice (once closes it partially and twice closes it completely) to simulate the door being locked •Within seconds of closing the latch manually .

Mike answered 10 years ago. Kinda late for a reply but was the dash light dimmer wheel turned past full bright to interior lights on? If not there could be an issue with the timer in the system that keeps everything on for a few secconds after you exit the car.

Thank god for google! My ford edge interior lights wouldn't go off! I couldn't find anything int the vehicle guide so I decided to google it. Thanks Mike I had just go my car wash and detailed and someone must of pushed the light dimmer forward. Once I pushed it back down and shut the car off the lights went off. Good thing before I ran out of gas! Thanks again. Mike answered 8 years ago.

Marissa answered 7 years ago. Thank you so much for the info! That is exactly what it was! I was going to go to the dealer! I am so glad I googled this before I went. Who knows what they would have told me or charged! Knixon1 answered 6 years ago. How do I go about checking the timer? I'm having the same problems and I've already attempted any other options.

GEEB55 answered 4 years ago. Guru94Z4T answered 3 years ago. Guru9NX95 answered 3 years ago. Thanks mike. I had the same issue. Kudos for google and kudos for mike. GuruY8W6K answered 3 years ago. I'm have the same problems. May lights will'nt go off. I'ts saying my doors are open. They are all close. But the lights are still on. What should,I do.

Interior lights does go off in a timely manner on dash board states door is open but all doors are close. At times while driving it comes on. I'm having an electrical or computer problem which I can't seem to figure out. This may or may not have to do with the SYNC display, but that is where most things a I have a different car. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

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