How to tie a belt on a dress

How to Wear a Belt – tips and tricks to get the most out of this accessory!

How to tie a belt on a dress

how to tie a belt on a dress

8 Chic Ways to Tie a Belt That Will Make Your Style Game Stronger

Mar 07,  · Subscribe a belt around a trench dress is. Apr 19,  · Take both the ends of a belt too long for you, and tie them in a good ol’ fashioned knot. Tuck the ends into your belt if you like, or leave them dangling. Voila! Combine with a long floral maxi, or a solid block of LBD (Little Blue Dress), tuck it right under your bust, .

Last Updated: May 6, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who how to tie a belt on a dress it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

This article has been viewed 22, times. Learn more You can create a variety of attractive knots and bows to define your waist and keep the belt tails neat. Alternatively, you can tie a knot at the back to cinch the unbuttoned trench coat while drsss off the rest of your outfit. If your belt comes with a buckle, you can secure it in the standard buckled fashion or twist the tail in a decorative knot. Practice tying and arranging these knots with your trench coat on your body, or laying out in front of you, until you they become second nature.

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Download Article Explore this Article methods. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image go not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Tie a double overhand knot as a quick on-the-go closure. Bring both ends of the belt to the front, with the tail end the one without the buckle longer. Crisscross the two ends how do you clean headlights with toothpaste the tail going over the buckle end.

Wrap the hoq end underneath to tie a single overhand knot. Hiw tail end should now be pointing upwards. Guide it back under the buckle end horizontally to create a loop. Draw the tail end through this loop to complete the second overhand knot. This casual style is perfect for on-the-go tying and untying. Create eress angled 2-loop bow to add a touch of feminity to your trench. Bring both ends of the belt to the front and arrange them to be the same length.

Tie a single overhand knot with the tail end wrapping over the buckle end. Tighten this knot to cinch your waist. The how to make the best pot of coffee at home end should be pointing upwards at this stage.

Pinch this bow loop in place against the overhand knot and angle it outward from your body. Bring the buckle end upwards and crisscross it hod the top of this bow loop to create an open space in front of the overhand knot. This style takes advantage of the inevitable asymmetry, keeping the bow loops to one side and the ends to the other. Tie a 1-loop bow as a chic alternative to traditional knots and bows. Go both belt ends to the front, keeping the buckle end longer.

Tie a single overhand knot to cinch your waist. Bring the shorter tail end over this bow loop to create an open space. Then, slide the tail end all the way through this no space. Hold the bow loop in place and pull the tail end to tighten the knot. Once you get the hang of this knot, it can be a quick and more polished substitute for the double overhand knot. Try sliding the knot towards one side of your body and arrange the bow loop and ends on an angle for a more stylish closure.

Buckle the belt for traditional trench styling. Draw both ends of the belt to the front. Position the buckle frame at the point where the coat overlaps, and leave the tail end long. Thread the tail up through the buckle frame, towards the front. Guide it back down under the other side of the frame. Pull it so that the tail lies flat within the buckle. Then thread the tail how to wear a knitted headband through the remaining belt loops.

If there are belt prong and holes, push the prong through the most comfortable belt hole before guiding the tail back dres the buckle frame.

This can be a classic look, but it does take some time to get in and out of. Arrange the buckled belt in a downward knot for an updated look. First, buckle the belt. After you thread the tail end through the belt buckle frame, bring it upwards, passing under the cinched belt.

If the tail end came out on the right side of the buckle, pass it under the right side of the belt, and vice versa for the left. Hold the resulting loop on the bottom open. Bring the tail end towards the front and thread it down through this open loop. Pull the tail to tighten the knot. Note that this style will take some time to undo. If you plan to take your trench coat on and off this may not be the most convenient approach.

Method 2 of Create a classic wrap-around knot at the back of your unbuttoned coat. Bring both sides of the belt to the back, keeping the tail end longer. Crisscross the ends with buckle side underneath the tail end. Tie a single overhand knot, bringing the tail end upwards as you cinch the belt. Drop what does bedroom eyes look like tail end to let it hang downwards.

Then, guide the tail behind the buckle end, passing it closer to your body, and point it out to the side. It should be perpendicular to the buckle end and parallel to the ground. Fold the tail end over so that the tip points in the opposite direction, while still holding it parallel to the ground. Thread the tip through the outermost gap that it has created, and pull it tight. Both ends hang neatly outward.

This will keep the knot situated closer to the body. Tie a half-Windsor knot at the back for an elegant belt arrangement. This is just like[[Tie a Windsor Knot tying a necktie]!

Bring both belt ends to the back, keeping the buckle side longer. Crisscross the buckle side over the tail end. Then, wrap the buckle side behind the tail and bring it out to the side, positioning it perpendicular to the tail end and parallel to the ground. Draw it across to the other side, folding it horizontally over the front of the knot. Finally, guide tid buckle side upwards behind the knot and thread it down through the outermost gap.

They will be pointing directly downwards like the ends of a necktie. Secure pn simplified half-Windsor knot at the back for a quicker closure. With hos buckle how to prevent rust on metal longer, bring both ends of the belt to the back.

Overlap the buckle end over the tail in a crisscross manner. Guide the buckle side behind the tail and draw it out to the side horizontally. Instead of folding the belt end over the knot, just draw it up behind the knot area.

The belt end should cross underneath itself. Bring it towards the front and thread it through the outermost loop. Pull down and tug on both ends to secure the knot. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Swap out your trench coat belt for a narrow scarf to add a splash of color. Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Position the knot or bow where the sides of your coat overlap.

If your trench coat what to feed strawberries in spring double-breasted with the sides overlapping on the right, slide the belt so the knot sits right over the overlap point on the right side.

When should you wear a belt?

Sep 11,  · ADA Collection Style Guide series shows you how to tie, wear, and style the ADA Wrap Belt with your own wardrobe. Learn the endless ways to tie the belt with. Mar 02,  · Pin the loose end of the belt with a bobby pin if it is too short to reach a loop. Hold the end of the belt straight and flat against your waist. Slide a bobby pin over the loose end and the section of belt directly underneath it to clip it in place. 78%(15). Nancy (above) looks fabulous in her on-trend tunic.. Get this similar belt, chain print top, jeans and slide sandals to steal her look.. 2. to tie in the other colors in your outfit. If you are pulling together several colors, or just one accent shade, a belt can be a great way to bring your whole outfit together.

Home » Style » How to accessorize » How to Wear a Belt — tips and tricks to get the most out of this accessory!

A good rule of thumb is to help break up the transition between a loose top and tight bottom or the opposite , when you want to hide waistline imperfections or when you want to accentuate your waist. You can also check out our article on the best accessories to wear this fall.

In fact, a belt works best when it stands on its own, drawing attention to the waist it cinches so well. And always buy a belt that fits you properly — not too tight or so long that you have to use the last notch in the belt to wear it well.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your outfit, wearing a long tunic can leave you looking shapeless. Nancy above looks fabulous in her on-trend tunic.

Get this similar belt , chain print top , jeans and slide sandals to steal her look. If you are pulling together several colors, or just one accent shade, a belt can be a great way to bring your whole outfit together.

Elsie above picks a belt in the same accent color as her pants and earrings. Steal her look with this similar belt , blouse and pants. A belt can bring so many different looks to the same dress. It can also stop a tunic or shirt dress from looking shapeless. Gitte above opts to cinch her waist with a belt, and matches it with her sandals. Jo above goes for a classic neutral look. Recreate her look with this similar belt , blouse and pants. This is a very on-trend way to wear your blazer right now, and is perfect if you have an oversized blazer which needs definition.

Aba above pulls in her waist with a neutral belt over her on-trend check blazer. Check out these plaid blazers options from 1. State and Vero Moda and you can pair it with this similar belt , skirt and pumps to steal her look.

A belt is your best friend if you are an hourglass or a pear shape as it will show off your waist. You can also use a belt to give the illusion of a waist if you are a rectangle or inverted triangle , and you can play around with where you cinch your belt to give you the most flattering look if you are an apple shape. Patricia above shows off her waist with a belt. Check out these sweater dress options from BP. Complete her look with this similar belt. If your waist is your favorite feature, you can draw attention to it with a wide, light or bright colored belt.

Cari above sticks to two colors for her stylish outfit. Here is a bow shirtdress you can try from Ann Klein and you can wear it with this similar belt , hat and sneakers. Check out this jumpsuit with a similar snakeskin print and pair it with this similar belt. Jacqueline above wears a wide belt over her little black dress. Get this similar dress and belt to recreate her look. To pull together your shirt and skirt, you could opt for a belt which draws in the colors of your outfit. Monica above opts for a green and white outfit.

Steal her look with this similar belt , collared shirt and ruched skirt. Belts with some elastic are comfortable because they cinch your waist while still managing to move with you. A braided belt is particularly useful if you want a versatile option where you can alter the size. For example, you can easily wear this over a dress and then simply fasten it a little looser if you would prefer to wear on your hips with your pants.

Tory Burch croc embossed leather belt. Michael Kors chain belt. Choose a metallic option if you are looking for a classic style, which will draw the attention to your waist. Topshop metallic belt. Another great embossed option — crocodile and reptile textures in general are particularly on-trend just now. Something Navy croc embossed belt.

Frye skinny leather belt. For an attention grabbing look, try red. You could team with other red accessories or wear with a monochrome outfit. Topshop croc belt. Halogen wrapped leather belt. If you want to make sure that you are comfortable while wearing your belt, how about a stylish stretch option? Raina oversized buckle belt. Snakeskin has been on trend for a couple of seasons now, and it is still a stylish option this winter and fall. You could also wear with a white dress for summer.

Ok, this may seem like an obvious place to tell you to wear your belt, but bear with me because there are also other alternatives. Find the narrowest part of your torso. Check out this similar belt , sweater , wide leg pants and booties. When trying a low-slung belt at the hips, medium or wider belts work best. Try wearing a hip belt with:. For more inspiration take a look at how to wear leggings. With a loose or flowy bottomed dress, wearing a belt closer to the ribs also hides small belly flaws.

This is one of the trickier looks to pull off since the ribcage expands and contracts, causing a high belt worn too tight to constrict breathing or slip down your torso. Suzie above looks lovely in her high-waisted belt. Check out this printed shirtdress you can try out to pair with a wide belt and front zip booties. Belt loops are helpful to keep the belt in place, or add a bit of double stick tape to the inside of the belt to keep the high belt in position.

Are you ready to rock a belt yet? Tanasha above accentuates her waist with a wide belt. Get this similar maxi dress and belt to steal her look. Also, take a look at how to dress if you are tall. Monika above wears her Gucci belt with a similar color skirt and a pair of Vionic boots. Complete her look with this similar turtleneck sweater , skirt and tights.

There are more tips here in how to dress if you are petite. Of all the body shapes, you can create the most impact with a belt.

Sandra above wears her Gucci belt over a long blazer dress. If, after all of that fabulous inspiration, you like the idea of using a belt to cinch your dress, what belt should you choose? You can choose either a wide or a skinny belt to cinch in your waist over your dress, but I would think about proportions.

Karen above matches her belt to her sandals. Get this similar maxi dress and belt to copy her look. If you have a curvier figure, you may wish to opt for a wider belt to showcase it, while if you have less of a waist, you might opt for a skinnier belt. But, there are really no hard and fast rules. The beauty of cinching in a dress using a belt is it creates extra versatility within your wardrobe. You could, for example, take a fairly plain shift dress and add pizzazz with a bright, wide belt.

Whether you wear a belt or not with your jeans is really down to personal preference, the look you are trying to achieve, and whether your jeans fit perfectly. Helen above adds interest to her jeans and print t-shirt with a black belt.

Recreate her look with this similar belt , shirt and ripped jeans. You can get away with wearing jeans which are a tiny bit too big at the waist by cinching them in with a belt. Maria above shows how to cinch a puffer jacket to add shape. Check out this similar wide belt , puff jacket and leather leggings. Just get a tape measure and measure around the part you want to wear your belt — allowing for some leeway to fit over your jeans or pants.

The latest trends involve knotting a belt in a unique way, choosing metallics, or wearing a high contrast belt in a complementary color. Do you know how to wear a belt correctly? Feature image by Maria. As an associate for Amazon and many other brands, we receive a small commission at no cost to you on qualifying purchases which enables us to keep creating amazing free content for you.

I have got lots of different types of belts I have been collecting belts since I was 14 I mainly wear my belts on my shirts and jumpers in winter. I love belts and have an extensive collection of new and vintage belts. I am a pear shape woman so I love to belt everything: dresses, skirts, pants.

A belt can add personality and accent your body shape. Belts are back on my radar. During a closet cleaning frenzy I threw out perfect belt I had stopped wearing.

I love belts! My hourglass shape allows me to wear them often they always give my outfit a finishing touch.

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