How to increase blog visitors

7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206%

How to increase blog visitors

how to increase blog visitors

20 Ways To Get Traffic and Promote Your Blog

Jul 03,  · Here are a few guiding principles to make this work well: Always follow the rules the owner sets. Always. Do NOT post any of your own content until you’ve built a strong relationship with the community. This could take a few Share relevant and useful stuff. Just like we discussed in the last. Aug 21,  · 1) Write quality and too often Content has a very important role to play when you talk about getting more visitors over your blog. Hence make sure you produce high quality content as it is the building block of the blogs. It will help the readers to return on your blog on a regular basis.

How to increase blog traffic is a topic that basically all bloggers should learn more about. Chart by Visualizer.

Most people, even professionals, really suck at marketing their posts. Some people even believe myself included that SEO is still low-hanging fruit for many bloggers. Obviously, if you want to rank on Google, you need to know what keyword you want to rank for. But it pretty much comes down to using the right tools:. You can also google that keyword and look at the autofill and related searches at the bottom of the page:. Then, take all those related keywords and plug them into one of the keyword research tools above.

When you what is prunes in hindi one with a low keyword difficulty, create a post around that topic, including your primary keyword and its related keywords. This is your first step to learning how to increase blog traffic. But using Ahrefs or SEMrush will give you a better picture.

Optimizing a page for a certain keyword is called on-page SEO. There are other factors to consider with SEO as well, such as boosting site speed and ensuring your pages work well on mobile, but now you know what are all the consonants in the alphabet basics!

Most people are using social media as a platform to push out their content. In other words, you need to put out at least three posts or updates that are completely free value to your followers before trying to get anything in return.

Then you can promote that post with all the affiliate links or with your products involved or however you monetize your blog. But you want practical steps on how to increase blog traffic. If you want more traffic from social mediado this:. When you do, tag them in it — and make them look really friggin good. Compliment their work and drop thoughtful insights within your post. For example, in a recent post I wrote on my travel blogI interviewed over 20 full-time RVers.

They shared their stories of why and how they decided RV living was right for them, and what they love about it. In the post, I used big images of them and linked to their site and their social media profiles — I made them look really good. When I shared it on social media, I tagged all of them in the post. It resulted in over 66 shares and 13, people reached! If you want help with Facebook ads, I highly recommend KlientBoost — they can mage your what does each sign mean for you.

If you want their input, the best way to get it is to send them an email. I used MailShake to automate the process of reaching out to all the influencers involved in the post I shared above. There are Facebook groups for every niche out there.

These are communities of people all interested in the topic you blog about. I did that to find relevant full-time RVing groups. Join some of the groups with lots of members.

I used this strategy to drive over 2, visitors to a single post. You can do it too. Be helpful, friendly, and genuine — all marketing boils down to those three things. Facebook is obviously the biggest social media channel by far. These two channels are responsible for close to 9, visitors in less than a month to just two blog posts.

And I still only have less than followers. It was super easy to set up and worked like a charm. SEO provides you with massive long-term gains, while social media provides more immediate traffic and an audience to help you in the long run. These two essential strategies are short and sweet enough to be mastered in an afternoon, yet powerful enough to move the needle in your business. What marketing strategies are you using in ? Let us know in the comments below! Or start the how to increase blog visitors in our Facebook group for WordPress professionals.

Find answers, share tips, and get help from other WordPress experts. Looking for some free blog sites to help you start sharing your writing with the world? So you want to create a WordPress blog… Congratulations! WordPress is an excellent solution for how to start a blog, plus we think blogs are super awesome! People love to share ideas, how to increase blog visitors shape to their thoughts, and maybe even reach a global audience. How to put yourself on the path to achieve all of that?

For once, what what actions have led to deforestation in europe you start a Believe it or not, but knowing how to make a website from scratch is one of the more essential skills you should master as a small business owner in this day and age.

Please bear with me! The web host you choose to power your WordPress site plays a key role in its speed and performance. However, with so many claiming to offer the fastest WordPress hosting out there, how do you decide which company to use? In addition to performance, This is a great idea if you want a development site that can be used for testing or other purposes. XAMPP lets you run a website from your very own computer. And once you Themeisle content is free. When you purchase through referral links on our site, we earn a commission.

Learn More. How to increase blog traffic this year 2 essential strategies. Click To Tweet. Gary Vee. If you found this article helpful, please share it so we can reach as many people as possible. Share Now! Share Tweet. Terms Privacy Policy. Handpicked Articles How to Make a WordPress Website: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners Believe it or not, but knowing how to make a website from scratch is one of the more essential skills you should master as a small business owner in this day and age.

How to Increase Blog Traffic: Two Strategies You Need to Follow

You've been working hard on your blog, you feel established. Now it's time to get serious about traffic. We're right there with you friend - here are five easy steps you can start taking to increase blog traffic! Hi-Ho Silver! If you want to increase blog traffic, the best thing you can do is quite simply create better content. It also means being more strategic with your content marketing efforts.

The most successful content is the kind that meets a specific need. Think about your audience and what they love. Content these days almost always falls into one of two categories: cool and funny or useful and educational. If you need ideas, check out Quora and see what questions are being asked that relate to your industry subject.

Also try using Buzzsumo to see what others have written about in your field, then make something even better. Or use one of these eight handy blog topic generators. When it comes to content style, shoot for shocking statistics, beautiful infographics, and rich storytelling via video. Create stuff people want to link to and share. Try to make sure that most of your content is evergreen.

A post about the greatest movie classics will continue to be relevant over the years, making it evergreen. Your headline is what gets visitors to your site and captures their interest.

Some even suggest that your headline is more important than your actual post! Share your post multiple times with different headlines and see which style works best. Promotion needs to be a big part of your content strategy, so that your hard earned blog posts drive that traffic you so desperately desire!

One quick and easy way to start driving more traffic to your blog is to start collecting emails for a blog newsletter. Since these users are already comfortable with your blog, chances are they might explore a bit more on their next visit. If you really want to drive big time traffic to your blog, keywords and SEO have to be a part of your strategy. People get really nervous these days when you suggest doing something in the name of SEO, but remember, search engine optimization is fine when done right.

Use keyword stuffing to saturate your content completely with search queries? Include so many links that every other sentence is dotted with blue hyperlinks? Google drives billions of searches a day. Trust me, you want to use keywords to get a piece of that pie. With more sites and advertisers online than ever before, all competing for the most popular keywords, how do you stand a chance of competing?

Long-tail keywords of course! How do you brainstorm these awesome long-tail keywords? Start with Google. See which phrases drive the most traffic also take a look at other keyword phrases Google suggests and siphon out the ones with high search volume and low competition. Those are your gold nugget long-tails! Try to create content targeted around those keywords.

There are some great wordpress plugins designed to help bloggers with SEO. They make it easy to set up your URL slugs correctly, help you craft perfect meta descriptions, setup sitemaps, and aid you in navigating other SEO technical bits that may not come naturally to bloggers. Dip your feet and see which social networks work best for you. Is your blog heavy on the visuals? Is your blog catered more towards nerd culture? Find the right subreddits and you could strike it big.

To drive blog traffic, you need to go to where your flock hangs out. Know where to find your bird of a feather. Understanding your audience is also key for building strong referral links from relevant websites. Use Google Analytics to see which websites are driving the most referral traffic. Find the forums and sites your target audience visits, and get active.

Engage in discussion and post links or blog comments when appropriate. You need to be seen as a valuable member of the community who is sharing something of merit. If someone mentions needing advice about scheduling healthy meal plans for each week, go ahead and point them to your resource! Neil Patel points out that Upworthy, in addition to utilizing curiosity-focused headlines and emotional content, also limits the number of social sharing buttons they have on a given page. The choice paradox shows that too many choices can overwhelm and stress users.

While we may assume more choices are better, studies have shown that most individuals are happier with a few different options, rather than hundreds. Upworthy only has two share buttons — Facebook and Twitter. Consider limiting your social sharing selection to the sites you get the most leverage out of. Sometimes getting what you want can be a simple as asking for it. This goes for just about all call-to-actions.

Need to check your site speed? No problem! In the same vein, modern users spend nearly 3 hours a day on their tablets or mobile phones. Going mobile is a no-brainer for bloggers. Good manners go a long way online. Comment on other blogs and be active in various communities. Once you have a blogger cited or featured in one of your posts, tag them in a tweet to let them know. Chances are that blogger will retweet and share a post mentioning them, getting more shares and more traffic as a result.

Establishing good relations also makes pitching guest posts a ton easier. Megan Marrs is a veteran content marketer who harbors a love for writing, watercolors, oxford commas, and dogs of all shapes and sizes. When she's not typing out blog posts or crafting killer social media campaigns, you can find her lounging in a hammock with an epic fantasy novel.

Home Blog. Last updated: March 3, Content Marketing. Be Strategic About Your Content If you want to increase blog traffic, the best thing you can do is quite simply create better content. Megan Marrs. Find out if you're making mistakes with Google Ads. Sign up to get our top tips and tricks weekly! Sign Me Up! Related Content. View the discussion thread.

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