How to do pink smokey eye makeup

How to DIY Stunning Hot Pink Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials

How to do pink smokey eye makeup

how to do pink smokey eye makeup

How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup? – Top 10 Tutorials

Jun 26,  · ?? Subscribe to my channel: ?? DO MY MAKEUP video/game: Check out my SECOND Channel: Pink Smokey Eye Makeup is one of the hottest shades to steal the show. You can add a punch of silver eyeshadow to your pink smoky eye makeup in order to make a statement. Pair your pink smokey eye makeup with flawless skin and peachy lips and let your gorgeous eyes do the talking! Pink smokey eye makeup is a speedy and simple method to use when.

Start your smokey eye by applying Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in a neutral shade used here in Dusty Mauve from xmokey to creases and blend to blur any edges. Then smudge the same shade along lower lashlines. Learn how to smokye the perfect smokey eye. How To Eye products. Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick. Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.

Smokey Eye Mascara. Shop All Products. Temporarily out of stock. Order now to receive when in stock. Only Left! Apply Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner used here in Makejp in a thin line close to lashlines, extending past outer corners. Then smudge the shadow along lower lashlines. Pro Tip:. Quickly layer shadow over liner before it sets to create a smokey eye effect.

Finish with several coats of Smokey Eye Mascara on what is exchange traded fund lashes, and then use what's left on the brush on bottom lashes.

Eye Skokey. Shop Smokey Eye. Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush. Looking for More? Learn how to create easy impact with this universally flattering metallic eyeshadow shade. Learn More. Learn 3 essential eyeliner techniques-from a simple tightline to a classic cat eye. Learn how to get a go-to look by effortlessly layering shadows.

Top 10 Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials(Step-By-Step)

Stunning! To do this stunning hot pink smokey eye makeup first apply silver eyeshadow at the inner corners of your eyes. Then apply hot pink eyeshadow followed by black at the outer corners of the eyes. Apply black eyeliner at the upper and lower eyelids. Stick crystals at the inner corners of your eyes. Finish the look with mascara. 2 days ago · Heyy guys! (Watch in HD) Here is a makeup tutorial where I show you how to create a pink glam smokey eye with pink glossy lips! I hope that you enjoy it!source. Mar 15,  · Step 1: Begin by prepping your skin for makeup. Starting with Lancome Clear Plumping Lip Gloss, apply it all over your, prime your eyelids using your favorite concealer and set the eyes with a translucent setting powder. Step 2: Next, place a rosy-orange eyeshadow shade into your crease as a transition shade and blend.. Step 3: Then, apply a deeper pink shade under the transition.

Today in the big world of eye makeup, smokey eye makeup is the most followed trend. Eyes being one of the most prominent feature catches lot of attention. Having a Sexy and cool smokey eye can dramatically change your look. How to do the smokey eye makeup? How to get smokey eyes easily? Latest eye makeup ideas? These are the questions that most of the girls are looking on different forums.

The first step is to identify what eye shadow colours would suit your eye colour and shape. Any kind of technique would suit almond eyes, but for protruding eyes you have got to use medium to dark matte colours. It is also very important to choose the correct eye shadow for your eye colour.

We would suggest colours like grey, or silvery blues for such eyes. Women with brown eyes have considerably more and better options to play with. Peach, purple and teal are colours that make brown eyes stand out. Purples and reds are our favourites for green eyes. These colours make the eyes look dramatic and quite appealing. The smokey eye makeup is one of our all-time favourites. The first step to doing eye makeup is to even out the skin colour around the eyes.

For this you may apply a good quality foundation according to your skin tone. You can also apply a primer or a concealer to hide the puffiness or the dark circles. After which, you need to trace your lash line using a dark coloured eye pencil. Smudge this to give it a dramatic look. You can blend it with a thin eye brush or cotton bud. Use a medium coloured shade towards the lash line and blend it well, covering the mid of your lid to the crease.

Ending it by brushing a darker colour towards the corner of the brow bone which makes it look appealing. After which, use a nude or a light shade towards the brow bone to make it stand out. This compliments the eyes and makes the brow bone look prominent. Following these tutorials you can easily get as sexy as you dream of. You can get lot of eye makeup ideas from this collection that for what color eye which smokey eyes shade will suit. Good luck. All the major points have been covered in the above paragraph but the most important things to remember is that you should have a beautiful skin.

These tips are far more important than the makeup itself as only if you follow these tips you will have beautiful make up done. Whenever you plan to start learning the eye makeup your, make sure that they are washed. No traces of any previous make up.

Always put on the base first usually liquid ones so that the moisture keeps the lids smooth and the makeup looks nicely done. Now green eyes are very pretty and their beauty can be enhanced if you the right color palette. Purple and silver will look really nice.. Always put on a base shade in neutral and then make a d-shape in the inner socket with light pink color. Put in the silver and purple around the corner and underneath the lid to give a smokey effect.

Kohl will enlarge the eyes. Finish off with a light mascara. This tutorial can be used many people as gold is one color that goes with almost any eye ball shade.

Cover up your eye with a base color and above it this glittery gold one. Use a shade of bronze on the outer edges and to make the d- shape. Accentuate the beauty with the kohl and a heavy curling mascara.

Always remember to make your eye brows. See some of your top favorite celebrities eye makeup Ideas and Secrets also. Start with the inclined line at the outer edge and move inwards making a nice curve. Fill it up with the black shade and cover the lower lid with same shade as well. If you cannot draw the outer line use a spoon to do it. Another go at the same tutorial is when you add a dull green as base color and a gold glitter on the outer edges. Use a light mascara for this look.

Another really raging trend is this dark lined light inner make up. After putting on the base color cover the lid with a dull gold shade and draw the black line as shown and fill it up with any dark shade of your preference, usually works really nice with black one.

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