How to add a lock to a desk drawer

How To Make A Secret Drawer Lock For $3

How to add a lock to a desk drawer

how to add a lock to a desk drawer

Top 7 Problems & Solutions For Keyboard Trays

Feb 06,  · Installation a drawer lock. - YouTube. Easy to install drawer lock with 5 minutes. Easy to install drawer lock with 5 minutes. AboutPressCopyrightContact Author: Smart cabinet installation. Jul 12,  · HOW TO JIGGLE A LOCK OPEN IN A DESK DRAWER - Geezer shows one of many ways to open the lock on a desk drawer. He shows the tools and the methods one can use AboutPressCopyrightContact Author: xshanghu.

We get calls all the time asking how to secure things ot desk drawers, garage cabinets and other small cabinet spaces. So the drawer locking solutions can run from the basic to the more advanced when security is indeed the primary goal. Drawers are most often locked with cam locks. Cam locks come in both keyed and keyless lock electronic varieties. Other drawer lock options available are: drawer deadbolt locks, plunger locks, magnetic locks, and hidden drawer locks not visible so no one is aware they are installed.

Common Types of Drawer Locks In other cases, schools and offices that are securing medical supplies, will want a bit more security in their how to manage staff at work as well as the ease-of-access of a keyless lock. There are hundreds of products made to lock drawers. They range from just a few dollars, for the simple cam xdd, to hundreds of dollars for high-security lock systems built into small application locks.

A word of caution on installing locks on any low-end wood product. Low-end wood products do not gain a great deal of security from a cabinet lock installation. The lock installed on wood products will only secure the cabinet to the extent that the wood protects it. Particle board is very weak. Locks installed on particle board drawers are primary for simple prevention keep kids out, keep honest people from being tempted, stop someone from snooping, etc….

Particle board, even with locks, and will not prevent break-in. Keyed Cam Lock Locking drawers is all about determining:. Often, the drawer lock you choose is simply the one that can be the easiest to install based on these two factors. Desk drawer lock options are plentiful. The simplest drawer lock to use is a cam lock readily available and affordable on Amazon installed in the center top of the drawer face.

A cam lock is very similar to your mailbox lock that you may already be familiar with. The cam locking piece will turn with a key to secure the drawer against either part of the drawer or a metal catch installed under the desk surface. Most cam locks come with several different styles of cams so that you can choose the one best suited for your drawer. Cam Lock Installed Cam locks can use standard keys or tubular keys. What if you want to lock what is vitamin b1 and b2 good for drawer without a key?

Several manufactures are now making keyless, combination cam locks in both mechanical and electronic versions. For drawers, we recommend mechanical keyless cam locks. Since these are a mechanical keyless cam lock, they are small enough to not overwhelm the drawer by their size, and they are easy to use. Electronic keyless cam locks are bigger and better suited for larger cabinets.

The jow most commonly used and found drawer lock is the deadbolt lock for drawers. This lock works similar to a home deadbolt in that a latch extrudes from the lock into an installed strike to secure the door.

We like these because the backing of the lock add of the drawer is larger than a typical cam lock. Thus, there is more distribution of force making it harder to break open. Olympus Deadbolt Lock For best security, we recommend the Olympus deadbolt drawer lock, available on Amazon. Another options you have for drawers that are on the side of a bench or desk, is a plunger lock. A plunger lock is installed to the side of the desk frame. This locks the drawer in place.

They are also very affordable see on Amazon. There are two things to be cautious about with plunger locks. First, plunger locks can be locked without dawer key. You simply push the lock in. So if your key is in the drawer at the time of locking, you are locked out.

Secondly, plunger locks will protrude out the side of the loc. It is not a flush installation. It can be used as both a drawer lock and cabinet lock. The Stealth Keyless Lock This lock is the stealth keyless, electronic lock.

Though expensive, Amazon has them about a well priced as you can find them. If the material is particle board made up of little bits of wood that are pressed and glued together avd, the material will not hold up well to drilling holes in it, especially anywhere addd the edge.

Additionally, partial board may start crumbling, cracking or breaking in a short period of time in areas with too little material. If, in any application, you find you are working with particle board material, use extreme caution. Store your valuables elsewhere. We have been performing lock and key services in Arizona for over 20 years.

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Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Oct 11, - Adding a lock to a desk drawer is a good idea if you wish to store personal items, financial documents or other types of private materials in the desk. Be selective about what you choose to store in a locked desk drawer. The simplest lock to buy and install is a surface lock. May 11,  · The process of installing cam locks on your desk or office cabinet drawers can be challenging. I’m going to offer several tips that will make the drawer cam lock installation an easier task to undertake.. Some things you need to know right up front, if your dealing with file drawers, make sure the locking mechanism and strike plates do not interfere with the file tabs.

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Member Resources. Locking Miter Joints for Drawer Construction A discussion of complicated and labor-intensive, but interesting, interlocking joinery for drawers. January 9,

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